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Carol, thank you for the quick mailing and the extra goodies in my order.....I don't use cones, but found out you can cut the nets in half to fit spools. Very cool! Also, I needed just a bit of thread for a machine applique piece and didn't have the right color, except in the frosted donut.....so  I tried the prewound bobbin on the top spindle....worked beautifully. Dee Mooneyham

Prep Tool

This is one of the best tools. (comment at a show)


QuiltCut2 Review: Ok, ladies, put your hands up if you've bought the latest tool, gadget, ruler, cutter, etc. and then have left if sitting in the box, because you just didn't want to learn one more thing. My hand is up, I've done this many times. My last time was the Alto's cutting mat. I would look at it in the corner and then go back to using my ruler that I had to hold in place and that would always move at the end of the cut. I'd have to line up each cut and hope that my hand would hold it in place. Never does, does it ladies. So, I leaned on my inner courage and Carol, and opened the box. Assembly was a piece of cake and so was the short learning curve. OMG, a ruler that stayed in place while I cut! I was kicking myself for not opening the box sooner. It was easy to line up, hold down the knob for stability, just amazing. Not only cut down the time I took, but all my cuts were square and good. Then, I added the metal ruler to do strips. Again, just amazing. And to have the ability to change the ruler to different angles and on to 2 sides of the mat is really helpful. Well, ladies if you have the box sitting in your sewing room and you haven't opened it or you haven't bought it yet, believe me, you will be amazed how much easier it is to cut strips, angles and just plain straight lines. It is a great tool. Probably, if I listen to the DVD, I'll learn even more, ha! Sue Purdy - Sue's Solar: Printing & Silk Screens -http://www.suessolar.com/

I am thrilled with finally being able to have the Alto's system!  I have been looking forward to this for 2 years.  No "Buyer's Remorse" for me! Bella - Colorado

I have used the QuiltCut2 a couple of times now and am totally pleased with my purchase.  I had been having trouble holding rulers stable and this makes it so much easier.  Now my strips don't have dips in them :) - Linda from Bakersfield, CA

Last week  in our Groveland quilt class we all got the pattern "Diamond Jubilee II" from Diana McClun and Laura Nownes. It's a beautiful diamond pattern with a lattice border around each one. Each diamond consists of a 5 1/2" diamond bordered by a 1 1/2" lattice, lots of cutting of strips. One lady in class today said "It took FOREVER to cut all the diamonds!" I said: "Not with my Alto's QuiltCut2!" She was surprised and asked about the QC2. I told her how accurate and quickly it cuts ANYTHING/EVERYTHING! I'm thrilled my husband bought me one of the greatest quilting tools I have! Judy Cozad

I cut out a One Block Wonder in an hour. My friends used my system to cut theirs in an hour too. Those triangles were so easy to cut.  (comment at a show)

I have a QuiltCut2. I love it. It's the only thing I cut with. (comment at a show)

I absolutely love my QuiltCut2, it was so easy to cut the squares and then triangles. Even cutting out the place mats was so much easier. M.R.

I have a tremendous problem and I am hoping you can help me reolve it. You see I took my QuiltCut2 over to a friends house as we were making our first quilts. I must say that the unit was quite a hit and helped keep us "straight" ... my problem is that she is now holding it hostage and I can't get it home where it belongs. It begs and cries when I leave to come home without it but she has it firmly chained to her old cutting table. He says that he does not like his new friend (the huge cutting mat) and it tortures him with the old Olfa cutter. Probably jealous!
I am sure you have run into this problem before ... I need a plan "B" since plan "A" is not working ... :0) ... I hope this gave you a good laugh ... but, she is holding it hostage ... but, I DO have a plan ... cut and run!! Bonita Hillmer, Phoenix, AZ

I generally cut all pieces on my QuiltCut2. It sure makes things go faster when you have a lot of pieces to cut. MJK

I got my unit and I have almost finished the first quilt cut on it. I LOVE this thing!!! I am still learning and not doing any strange angles or anything but WOW, it is great. Susan Wright - Colorado Springs, CO

I cut over 2000 pieces in one day. BR

Next to my sewing machine and rotary cutter it's the best tool I own! (comment at a show)

I love it. Every quilter should have one. Especially as we get older and have more problems with cutting. I waited a year to buy it and don't know why I did. (comment at a show)

I use my QuiltCut2 all the time. It never sees the inside of the Carrying Case. (comment at a show)

I can't imagine making a quilt without one. (comment at a show)

I can cut over 2000 pieces out on this system in less than a day. This system is awesome! Betty Ruckman, Prineville, OR

I cut 144 squares so fast! (comment at a show)

Well worth every penny. (comment at a show)

I would be lost without it. (comment at a show)

The best cutting tool on the market. I use it every day. (coment at a show)

A few weeks ago in Sacramento, I bought the QuiltCut2 from you. You were so sweet to listen to my description of the quilt -- the Metlox cookie jar that had hidden my daughter's engagement ring. Well, thanks to you and the QuiltCut2, I finished the quilt in the nick of time for Shannon's shower. Literally, I completed the quilt less than 5 hours before Shannon's plane landed. If I hadn't had the QuiltCut2 to cut mty borders and nine-patches, I would most certainly NOT have finished the quilt before her arrival - Toni Collins - See a picture of this adorable quilt in The Gallery.

Being left handed I have trouble cutting with a mat and ruler. With my QuiltCut it is easy to cut now. (comment at a show)

I used my QuiltCut last night on a project I've been putting off because of all the cutting needed and IT ROCKED! It was 16 fat quarters that needed to be cut into strips then cut into various lengths. I layered up 8 batik FQs and went for it. PERFECTION! Wendy Breakstone Ladd - Owner of The Fabric Quarter Quilt Shop 

Thanks for your great product!  I just finished a queen sized One-block Wonder in three days.  My first one took 3 weeks just to cut (and accuracy was horrible), but using your QuiltCut2 my cutting of 1200+  60 degree, exactly matching triangles was a unhurried afternoon.  Very nice. Gail Penney - Pearce, AZ

I've had my QuiltCut system for many years and have cut over 20 quilts using the system. C.A.

I couldn't live without it! (comment at a show)

Over the Christmas Holiday my grandson asked if I could make him a quilt with his high school t-shirts. If I had not had my QuiltCut2 I would have gone nuts. Have you ever tried to cut a t-shirt... IT CURLS... Bonita Hillmer - Nevada

What I really want to tell you is how much I like the QuiltCut2!!! I've used it a lot already. I've only been quilting for a couple years, and make 2-3 Quilts a year, so I'm thrilled to be able to increase my accuracy in all that cutting. Thank you so much for presenting such a fine product at the show.  Sally Crofford


QuiltCut Class

I have been busy cutting away since I now know how to use my Alto's QuiltCut. I just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed your class. Beth Schneidmiller

I just want to tell you how much I loved your class and really could have stayed for another 3 hours to learn more. You are a wonderful teacher! Charlotte


Rotary Blades

These blades are so sharp. They last much longer than any other blade. (comment at a show)


Sew EZ Dresden Table Topper Pattern

It was a fun and easy project from beginning to end. Kesten

I had a blast putting this together! Jane

I had never sewn a dresden project but it was fun. Marilyn


Tips and Techniques DVD

I just watched your new DVD which arrived today. I have a confession to make to you. I bought the first QuiltCut and then bought the upgrade for QuiltCut 2. I have NEVER used it because I wasn't sure how. I am so excited - after seeing you demonstrate all the uses; I am going to get started today. You do a great job of teaching. You coordinate you speech with your hands perfectly so it is so clear what you are talking about.

I have many templates but put them away because it was such a pain to "trace on the fabric and then cut" or "try to cut around them using a ruler." Thank you so much for making this DVD. I know I will be watching it over and over many times. You are wonderful!!!     D.W